A partnership that you can depend on.

At MSC, we provide preventive HVAC and plumbing maintenance, construction services and energy solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Our team strives for excellence through customized solutions that maximize our clients’ operating budgets, increase the efficiencies of their buildings and prolongs the life of their buildings’ assets. 

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Take Out the Guesswork

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Improve HVAC Reliability

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Gain Peace
of Mind

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Increase Comfort and Air Quality

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Increase Efficiency and Sustainability

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Reduce Owning and Operating Cost

Guaranteed Maintenance Programs

With MSC's Guaranteed Maintenance programs, our experts take on your HVAC risks to keep your building operations running smoothly while delivering annual savings. Delivering our customers with three levels of customized preventive maintenance programs, we make it easy for building owners to reduce costs, improve comfort levels and increase the efficiency of their buildings.

What to Expect from Our Guaranteed Maintenance Programs:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Reduced overall expenses
  • Optimal air quality and comfort conditions
  • Less system downtime 
  • Single source responsibility

Programs Include:

  • Optional unit replacement
  • Test and inspect services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency service and repairs
  • Parts, components and services for replacements
  • Traveling and living expenses
  • Maintenance of filters, coils, water treatment or other special equipment included in the agreement
  • Refrigerant (excluding R-22)

A Partnership that Gives You Peace of Mind

As a building owner, the efficiency, maintenance and operating cost of your HVAC and plumbing systems ultimately impacts the success of your business. Our preventative HVAC services take the pressure off of you. 

Playhouse on the Square

After partnering with us nine years ago, Whitney Jo, the managing director of Playhouse on the Square, made the decision to partner with Mechanical Systems Company. MSC took the guesswork and stress out of maintaining the facility’s HVAC units. With the preventative maintenance plan, Whitney knows what she can expect to spend on HVAC repairs and maintenance, and who she can turn to when repairs are needed. 

Take Our Risk Tolerance Assessment

Measure your risk tolerance for HVAC issues, from there, our team can help you identify pain points and determine the best plan of action for managing the cost/risk associated with the operational costs of your building.


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