Keeping Terumo Medical Corporation Cool and Operational

At Mechanical Systems, we take pride in our role as a crucial partner to Terumo Medical Corporation, a leader in medical manufacturing where precise temperature control is critical. Our commitment to providing immediate service responses and building personal connections allows us to support Terumo’s operations seamlessly. This ensures they operate without interruption.

Maintaining Critical Temperatures for Terumo

Philip Cannon highlights our HVAC solutions’ role in maintaining critical temperatures for Terumo’s temperature-sensitive products. Terumo relies on two significant rooftop package units that are essential for their operations, and MSC is entrusted with their upkeep. Our swift, effective response ensures Terumo experiences virtually zero downtime, a cornerstone of our service. Our 24/7 availability means that whenever Terumo faces a potential disruption due to HVAC issues, our technicians are on the scene promptly to resolve the problem. This level of responsiveness is vital for maintaining the integrity of Terumo’s manufacturing process and is something we consistently deliver.

Building Stronger Connections

Despite being a large company with many employees, we maintain a personal touch in our partnerships. Philip highlights this aspect of our service, noting that our strong leadership and personal approach make MSC a recommendable partner. This personal connection is something we cherish and strive to uphold in all our client relationships. Over time, our collaboration with Terumo has grown stronger through continuous improvement and effective communication. We have established a good rhythm and coordination, particularly highlighted by the dedicated technician who works closely with Terumo, providing outstanding and consistently improving service.

At MSC, we are more than just an HVAC service provider. We are a partner in ensuring that our clients’ operations are efficient, reliable, and uninterrupted. Our work with Terumo Medical Corporation exemplifies our commitment to delivering precise and dependable HVAC solutions that are critical to the success of industries where precision is paramount.