3 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Building’s Plumbing Stays Intact While Employees Are Out For The Holidays

frozen pipe

With the Holidays coming up, some businesses choose to dedicate days off for their employees to travel and spend time with their families. But before everyone leaves the office, it’s important to consider 3 key plumbing priorities so that your employees don’t come back to a whole mess of problems. 

Consider Shutting Off Your Water Supply:

This is the fool-proof way to prevent water and flood damage to your business (or home). 

There are a lot of factors that can come into play when making the decision on whether shutting off the water is the right solution for you, so please engage with one of our sales teams and allow us to help you make the decision on if your building type would be served best by having the building water turned off. Unfortunately, in colder months, pipes have been known to burst due to low temperatures outside.  

If this break were to happen while your team was off for days or weeks, you could return to a “flooded-out” situation. The expenses for repairing flood damage are not small. You could lose computers, desks, furniture, walls, and even doors. We haven’t even mentioned the health and safety hazards flooding could cause. 

Lower The Temperature Setting On Your Water Heater:

There’s no need to completely turn the water heater off as the water could freeze, causing a pipe to burst. Instead, most water heaters actually come with a “vacation” mode on them! If your business’s water heater doesn’t have this feature, you can always turn down the temperature several degrees. 

Since water heaters run on electricity or gas and no one’s in the office, your company is simply throwing money out the window. Turning down the temperature will make sure the water is warm enough not to freeze but cool enough to save money on the energy it would take to heat it up to its highest temperature. 

Check Your Drains:

Checking the drains before everyone leaves for the break is a great way to make sure none of the drains are clogged or backed up with debris. The late fall or early winter is a great time to have your facility lines jetted out or, at a minimum, inspected for clogs. 

No one wants to come back to a foul-smelling office, and if your garbage disposal in the break room is backed up, the food in the drain will begin to rot while no one is around to respond to the situation. It is best to address the situation before everyone leaves so you can have peace of mind.