Safety Tips for Using Your Space Heater

With the cold weather upon us, it is essential to create a comfortable environment, especially in the workspace. Though a properly functioning and well-maintained HVAC system is the key to staying warm this winter, those space heaters are sure to make an appearance around the office. While effective at creating a warmer and more comfortable environment, space heaters pose a few risks and potential fire hazards. You can still use them in your workplace this winter, but consider the five following safety tips to protect against fire and injury.

Above All – Use the Wall

Since portable, electric space heaters draw large amounts of current, it is important to never plug a space heater into an extension cord, surge protector or relocated power tap, also known as a multi-outlet box device. This could cause excessive heat resulting in a fire. Instead, it is recommended to always plug a portable space heater directly into the wall outlet. 

Keep Water Away

It’s a well-known fact that water and electricity are a deadly combination. With this in mind, it is critical to never use a portable heater in a damp or wet environment, or where water is present. Keep your office dry and a space heater can safely keep it warm.

Keep it on the Floor

Though it may be tempting to set your space heater as close to you as possible, always keep your space heater directly on the floor. Placing it anywhere else like boxes, your desk or a shelf, increases the risk of the space heater falling or overheating, which could result in a fire. Also, it is important to keep space heaters out of heavy foot-traffic areas like hallways and exits. 

Avoid Flammable Objects

When using a space heater it is recommended to maintain 3 feet of clearance from combustible materials in all directions. In other words, there should be no objects or surfaces within a 3-foot radius of your space heater, other than the floor, as this could result in a fire.

Never Leave it Alone

When a space heater is in use, it is important that you never leave it unattended. Remember to unplug your space heater and turn it off before ever leaving your home or office.    Are your employees staying comfortable as the temperatures continue to drop? Contact us to keep your HVAC systems operating at peak performance this winter! Let our expert technicians increase the reliability, efficiency and lifespan of your system with our preventative HVAC maintenance.