Why Commercial Buildings Require Regular HVAC Maintenance

Why Commercial Buildings Require Regular HVAC Maintenance

For building owners, the comfort, efficiency and maintenance of their HVAC units directly impact the success of their businesses. It requires regular maintenance to ensure the reliability of your HVAC unit and avoid costly unexpected damages. Despite this, many business owners continue to operate from the Break & Fix Playbook, a reactive method of maintenance that involves a cycle of repairs and service calls that cost building owners money every time their HVAC unit needs servicing. 

With so many factors depending on reliable HVAC performance, regular maintenance is a necessity. Check out these four reasons why commercial buildings require regular HVAC maintenance.


Extended Equipment Lifespan

Like vehicles, HVAC units are built to last, but they require maintenance to keep the equipment healthy and running reliably. Without regular HVAC maintenance, the expected life of HVAC equipment drastically declines and causes expensive repairs. With proper maintenance, units can last up to 10 years longer than their expected lifespan. 

Decrease of Costly Repairs

Schedule maintenance can significantly reduce the occurrence of unexpected repairs. Regular HVAC maintenance saves building owners money in the long run by helping them avoid costly service calls and providing them peace of mind. Sudden breakdowns greatly disrupt the overall building operations and force owners to focus more on their HVAC unit than their actual business. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

According to this study from Whole Building Design Guide, HVAC units account for 39% of the energy used in commercial buildings in the U.S. The study shows that with regular HVAC maintenance, building owners can benefit from high-performance HVAC equipment that can deliver up to 40% of energy savings. These statistics are in compliance with ASHRAE. 

Improved Air Quality

Over time, the filters inside HVAC units become contaminated with harmful dust and pollen. These harmful contaminants invade buildings without regular HVAC maintenance, causing indoor air pollution. Poor air quality can cause increased viruses and bacteria, overall increasing the risk of employee illness. With regular HVAC maintenance, building owners and their teams can benefit from a healthier and more efficient environment. 

The best way to save on HVAC repairs is to prevent them from ever occurring. Place your HVAC risk on the professionals and focus on what really matters – your business. Our preventative HVAC maintenance plans at Mechanical Systems Company take the pressure off you while delivering annual savings. Contact us to see how our three levels of customized preventive maintenance programs can make it easy for you to reduce costs, extend HVAC equipment lifespan and increase the efficiency and comfort of your building.