Heat’s Impact On HVAC Systems

Heat's Impact On HVAC Systems

With warmer weather already here, it’s important to know how excessive outdoor heat can impact your HVAC System. From small malfunctions to a complete failure of the entire system, here is how excessive outside heat can impact your HVAC system and how Mechanical Systems can help.

Heat’s Impact

HVAC systems, specifically air conditioning units, are not necessarily designed to run at full efficiency above an outside temperature of 95º-100ºF. In fact, at around 95ºF is when your HVAC units are roughly running at maximum capacity

The more heat there is outside, the more energy your HVAC System has to generate in order to keep the inside temperature cool. Because of this, it’s common for your air conditioning to fail or malfunction when the weather warms up. 

Failure Points and Malfunctions

Some malfunctions are caused by clogged filters, which tend to build up quicker in warmer temperatures. Clogged filters can cause coils to freeze up shutting down your unit, increased energy consumption, and inadequate air exchanges to keep spaces comfortable to name a few.

Another issue that might occur is extra debris on the exterior condenser coil. Most commonly, an exterior coil filled with debris can cause reduced cooling capacity, inadequate condenser heat exchange, unit overheating and safety shutdown, and increased energy consumption. A clogged condenser coil can ultimately result in the failure of the overall system and the need to replace either the coil, the compressor, or worst case the unit itself. 

How We Can Help

With Mechanical Systems Company’s Preventative Maintenance contract, our certified technicians routinely check and monitor your HVAC System’s filters, fans and everything in between.

Our technicians make sure that everything is not only running smoothly at the moment they’re there, but they make sure your equipment remains working when they’re not. Contact Us to find a maintenance contract that works for you!