The 2022 Passion Award Winners

Kelly Stafford

Every year, we at Mechanical Systems Company nominate one of our amazing team members to receive the Passion Award. This award was created to celebrate and honor our former team member, Kelly Stafford. Kelly shared with us a passion and love for his work and life. His passionate nature and spirit encompassed everything we are here at Mechanical Systems. To celebrate that, we present this award to honor a team member who exemplifies those characteristics that Stafford and Mechanical Systems stand for.

This year, we have not one but two amazing employees who received this honorable award: John Augustine and Vernon Max. Their work ethic and dedication to Mechanical Systems is a shining example of the values and mission of our company. We are honored to have them on our team and we wholeheartedly thank them for their contributions and dedicated service over the years!

Check out their submission videos below and take a look at our current job openings to see how you can join our amazing team.